Sunday, March 27, 2011

I have come a long way when mentioned on breastfeeding

I must say I am one of those hardcore Nursing Moms. I started off wrongly, managed to rectify my mistakes, able to upgrade from mixed feeding to fully breastfeed, did counselling via Forum as I was a Breastfeeding Forum Moderator some more & I was in Breastfeeding Support Group. Then I stopped.Needed that as I was concentrating on my studies & Hanafi finally weaned off at the age of almost 3 years old. Alhamdulillah...

That was then, between year 2004 to 2007.

Here was I reminiscence the good old days...

Hanafi, at the age of 8 months plus, was accompanying his Mama distributing leaflet of My Moms Best at the Kid's Fair year 2004.

Simultaneously, I did face-to-face campaigning to the passer-by especially mothers and even counselling to those who inquired A to Z on breastfeeding. The best part was I also distributed my self-research like the Common Problem on Breastfeeding & ABM Protocol on Breastmilk Storage Guidelines.We joined booth with FabulosMoms & BlessedMums.

This was taken at MumsandBabes, De Palma Ampang in year 2005. Jasmine of MumsandBabes was generous enough to loan us her office, the Breastfeeding Support Group to hold this Breastfeeding Interaction Chat.We not only mingled but shared experiences, infos & stories.

Soon follow-up with another Breastfeeding Support Group gathering held at one of our members' house.

I may no longer actively involved in Breastfeeding Forum and Breastfeeding Support Group but that does not stop me on this passion though.

The beauty of the internet is you will find another channel to keep ongoing your passion! One of my passion is BREASTFEEDING.

I also did utilise another 'medium' to channel this passion...


Here is my card. My Social Card.

If so happen I think that apart from keeping in touch with people, I used this card so that I can provide any assistance after the initial meet.

My tagline :- I love, I do, I support, I promote Breastfeeding, Cloth Diapering, Babywearing, Baby Signing & Homeschooling.

I believe in Natural Parenting & wants to adapt the Natural Parenting and one of the tools in Natural Parenting is BREASTFEEDING.

Sometime ago while I was browsing one Baby Store nearby my office with my boy, Hanafi, I overheard 'some' conversation between these 3 ladies.

Their conversation was mainly on breastpump.

Initially I thought they were looking for a gift for maybe their friends who just gave birth but later on I found actually one of the ladies was still in Confinement and she was the one who are searching not only breastpump but few more breastfeeding gadget.

When she was asking about the Medela Breastpump, which was the Harmony & observing the sales lady stuttered & unsure on her facts, I could not restrain myself to interject & provided my input.

So off I was answering many, many, questions from her about breastfeeding...pity her, she seemed ignorance about breastfeeding but thumbs up to her for having the desire to nurse her newborn.

I gave her my 'Social Card' & hope she do contact me in case she needs my assistance in regard to this matter.

To me, everywhere I go, whenever it would be and maybe even if my second child has stop breastfeeding, my passion towards breastfeeding won't simply faded.

I adore my Breastfeeding Journey, a bitter-sweet memory that I would cherish always...

I love sharing it with others too and would keep on learning from others as well.

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